Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I take the AMITAI test?

Enter the URL –
Click the green “Login” button (if you are asked to close the window, choose “yes”)
Choose the language
If you are the test administrator, choose “Administration”
If you are the test taker, choose “Assessments”
When prompted, enter the Access Code and Company ID, then click “OK”
Follow the remaining instructions
If you get stuck, call 1 855 264 8244.

2. When I click the green Enter button it opens a blank page. Is this normal?

Check your browser options to ensure pop-ups are enabled. For example, in Internet Explorer 9, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Internet Options” at the bottom of the menu.Click on the “Privacy” tab and deselect the checkbox to turn off the pop-up blocker.You can also click on the “Settings” button and add to the “Allowed Sites” section.

3. I don't use Internet Explorer or Firefox, can I still do the AMITAI test?

The test site is optimized for Internet Explorer (6,7,8 or 9) or Firefox. If you use a different browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) some sections of the application will not appear correctly. Please download the latest version of Internet Explorer ( or Firefox ( to use the system without any issues.

4. I want to do the AMITAI test but the system requires an Access Code and Company ID. How doI get this information?

The Access Code and Company ID is provided by the recruitment company that invited you to take the test.Please contact them to acquire this information.

5. I want to administer the test for staff or new applicants. How do I setup the AMITAI test?

You will require an Access Code and Company ID to setup and administer tests. If you have not yet received this information, please contact us at 1 855 264 8244.

6. My test is not displaying correctly. I don't see all of the text on the screen and some images and menus are misplaced. What's happening?

This message is sent when you enter the wrong Login Id or Company Id, the data must be verified with the company that asked you to present the test, if after verifying the data you still get the message, you must report it to the recruiter because they are the ones that can help to verify these data.


7. I've entered the Access Code and Company ID, but the system returns the message Please check your information. What do I do now?

Please check that you have entered the information correctly. If this problem continues, please contact the company that asked you to complete the test.