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AMITAI University’s portal! is the gateway to a character-based, ethics and compliance training. AMITAI University in alliance with Global Ethics University from Seattle Washington, brings to our clients a wide range of online Ethics and Compliance courses anywhere, anytime!

Our courses will provide solid workplace ethics training that will change the way you live and work.

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Ethical Expectations: Code of Conduct Training (see details)

Course Description: This course provides basic business ethical decision-making strategies and code of conduct information. It functions as a foundational, general ethics course targeted to all employees that introduces participants to various ethical decision-making models and then expands to cover common code of conduct topics. The emphasis of this course is to help employees develop solid ethical decision-making skills in the context of learning specific codes of conduct.

Ethical Decision-Making Skills (see details)

Course Description: The course explores the various problems, dilemmas, moral questions, and practical solutions to solve ethical conflicts in any situation or context. The course first provides an introduction to the topic of ethics as well as the sources, causes, and stakeholders and then moves on to discuss developing the individual’s moral conscience and creating ethical balance. With the foundations in place, the course deals with the various kinds of workplace ethical dilemmas and lays out some decision-making models.

Respect and Fair Treatment at Work (see details)

Course Description: This course introduces participants to the ethical principles surrounding harassment (both sexual and nonsexual), diversity, and bullying in the workplace. The focus of this course is how to solve ethical problems and build respect between people. It includes ethical decision-making strategies as well as specific information on workplace harassment and diversity issues.

Respect for Company Assets (See details)

Course Description: Effective use of company assets is critical to the bottom line. Assets can be the tangible equipment, physical property, funds, or intangible things such as intellectual property and patents. Whether an employee drives a company car or manages a large budget, he or she has a responsibility to take good care of what has been entrusted to him/her. The fewer assets the company has to replace or repair, the more profitable it will be. The resources saved provide stability, job growth, and a healthy future. It is a win-win situation for everyone. This course provides the helpful information that employees need to know about in order to protect the company’s assets from theft, abuse, waste, and fraud.

Understanding Conflicts of Interest (See details)

Course Description: Conflicts of interest come in all shapes and sizes. Financial interests, family interests, second jobs, and personal interests jockey for position ahead of the company’s interests. Every employee will struggle with a conflict of interest ethical dilemma and this course will prepare you to effectively deal with the situation and end up on top. The topics in this section include: kinds of conflicts of interest, conflicts of time & resources, importance of preventing conflicts, loyalty and honesty, connecting character.

Gift and Hospitality Issues (See details)

Course Description: This course covers the basic information that employees and managers need to know about gift and hospitality issues. It provides practical information, advice, tips, and a character connection. This section includes: Considerations for Accepting a Gift, Nominal Value, Acceptable and Unacceptable Gifts, Gifts and Hospitality from Suppliers, International Gift Exchange Issues, Red Flags for Identifying Inappropriate Gifts, Reporting.

Global Ethics University (GEU) has been producing quality business ethics training products since 1999. It was founded by author and educator Mark S. Putnam to support company compliance initiatives with positive, character-connected training programs. GEU takes character seriously and believes that ethics and character are connected as is reflected in our slogan, Connecting Character and Compliance – Making Ethics Meaningful. That is our mission and our passion.

Global Ethics University is a for-profit, non-accredited training company based in Seattle, Washington, USA. All of Global Ethics University’s courses are designed to meet high industry ethical standards. GEU offers its programs to the organizations and the general public online. GEU offers three levels of courses, Basic Compliance and Ethics, Ethical Leadership, and Character Connections.

We are pleased to partnered with Frank Bucaro & Associates to provide Ethical Leadership courses. Frank Bucaro (CSP, CPAE) is a well known author and speaker on the topic of ethical leadership. Starting 2015 GEU are partnering with Amitai to launch Amitai University which will also provide ethics training courses in Spanish to Latin American’s companies.

*Certificate for AMITAI University courses, is issued by Global Ethics University.

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