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According to the Harvard Business Review magazine, 80% of turnover is due to poor recruiting and selection practices. Pre-employment testing is part of the solution to cut high turnover and help human resource professionals increase the effectiveness of critical hiring processes.

AMITAI® is a selection tool developed to predict counterproductive work behaviors which work against true employee motivation (Murphy 1993).

The AMITAI® Survey tool, also measures employee satisfaction and engagement and helps organizations respond to low morale quickly, thereby reducing employee turnover.

With more than 10 years in the international market, AMITAI® has reached the highest degree of accuracy in predicting behaviours and has a solid reputation for eliminating costly hiring mistakes when used in conjunction with other hiring best practices.

AMITAI® helps organizations assure the integrity, commitment and productivity expected from its most valuable asset; its human capital.

We invite you to see what AMITAI® can do for your company.

I Integrity

A web-based pre-employment test which helps to detect counterproductive behaviours of potential employees. When used with other screening and selection methods; resumes, reference checks, interviews, etc., the tool is a powerful aid to hiring decisions.


S Survey

A web-based customizable survey tool that assesses employee opinions and attitudes regarding Work Ethics, Organizational Climate, and Job / Employee Satisfaction.


E Engagement

A web-based assessment tool used to measure the degree of engagement between employee and company. The tool provides valuable information so companies can improve their efforts and strategies to retain great talent.





AMITAI Integrity
AMITAI Engagement

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